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Stone Table Polishing & Waterproof

Alshoora Technical Services is one of the foremost consultant firm offering India's finest and best Floor Table and Counters Waterproof Service in Dubai


Marble Stone Stain Removal and Polishing

Alshoora Technical Services is the foremost choice for Marble & Granite Cleaning & Stain Removal Services in Dubai. Marble and Granite floors are highly in demand all across the world because these are available in the market with the latest designs and patterns to improve the overall appearance of your home or workplace.

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Alshoora Technical Services is a one-stop solution provider of Marble Granite Polishing Services in Dubai. We just know how to make a marble shine like a diamond and glow like a pearl in the beaming sunlight as our creativity in marble shining services is unleashed when we carry out the sophisticated process of cleansing the marble with the latest lotions and tonics.

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floor polishing

Welcome to Alshoora Technical Services ! A one-stop solution provider of Floor Polishing Restoration Services in Dubai. Keeping in mind the aesthetic appearance, healthy environment, and freshness, the majority of industrialists, corporate offices, and hotels demand our cleaning services in Dubai. Moreover, we serve the digital world with our Floor Polishing & marbel countertops Restoration services for improving the overall appearance of your home and office floor.


Kitchan Countertop Cleaning & marble countertops polishing

Alshoora Technical Services is a one-stop solution provider of Kitchen Countertops & marble countertops Installation Services in Dubai that caters to a wide variety of finishings of marble, quartz, natural stone, and much more. Kitchen Countertop is basically the space in which the cutting and cooking process is carried out and we ensure that it should be attractive and available in a variety of designs.

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Marble & Granite Polishing

Alshoora Technical Services is a one-stop solution provider of Marble Polishing in Dubai. We not only serve the digital world with a comfortable way of Marble & Granite Polishing and cleaning processes but also help them to sustain their floor conditions with proper guidelines.

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marble kitchen countertops
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Alshoora Technical Services is a one-stop solution provider of marble Countertops & kitchan Countertops Installation Services in Dubai that is catering to marble, quartz, natural stone, marbel countertops, marble tiles , marble stone, marble kitchen marble kithen countertops  and many more. 

As we all know residential kitchens undergo heavy cooking approaches which is why finding the right quality, right material, and long-lasting, robust construction of Kitchen countertops becomes imperative.

Helping you to Keep the Kitchen Spick & Span

We are regarded as one of the topmost Kitchen Countertop Renovation & marble countertops Services in United Arab Emirates that is serving the current and future generations with innovative, creative, and the latest designs equipped using top-grade materials to support heavy cooking tasks. Also, we provide excellent solutions for Kitchen Renovation & Cabinets Repairs.

Serving the latest world with highly recognized variants of kitchen countertops such as laminate, ceramic, granite, granite tiles, marble, soapstone, slate, solid surface, quartz, concrete, recycled and non-recycled glass slab, stainless steel, paper composite, recycled aluminum, reclaimed wood, zinc, bamboo, to name a few. 

Get Excellent Assistance from Kitchen Remodeling Services in United Arab Emirates

If you are stuck on what kind of slab or Kitchen Countertop should be needed that fits your cooking style then, the above materials are the best choice for hassle-free cooking as well as gives your kitchen a good and modern look.

Selection of the right kitchen countertop might be tricky or expensive too. Before splurging too much, have a crisp glance at our Complete Modular Kitchen Solutions to better understand the usage of tiles and stones. We are here to help you choose the right one for your kitchen space.

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